About The Site

Here you will find a number of resources I have found useful over the years, there are plenty of snippets of code which I have used and would like to share with the wider world. I’ve programmed in a number of languages, but my love will always be in web development, thus a large portion of the content will be focused around that. The primary use of this site is to create a small encyclopedia for myself, so that I can easily go back and reference code I have used before without having to trawl the internet looking for a solution I have already found.

Feel free to drop me an email on the contact me page if you would like any more information on anything you see, or would like to see something added.

On a side not, the website is still under construction, so some pages may have no content on or display an error message.

About Me

I’m Clive, I live in the South East of England & studied Computer Science at the University of Northampton, I graduated in 2012 with a 1st class degree, and currently work as an Operations Manager. 

I’ve always had a keen interest in computers, starting way back when I was in my early teens, playing around in DOS & even having a crack at a Dragon 32, I started to play around with HTML & Javascript, and it all grew from there.

I started this site in 2016 mainly as a resource for myself, but it contains bits others will find useful, I currently have 27 posts spread across 11 subjects, and am always looking to add new content as and when I come across it.